Life is better if you feel it . It’s  like touching the cold wind with the tip of your fingers  or feeling  your hair going wild  in spring. It’s like  breathing deeply after the rain has fallen, just to smell the earth and to remember yourself that you belong to nature, whether you like it or not.

It is better when you discover it, but not all at once. Instead, find out about life step by step, enjoying every  action that brings you further in your way. It’s like discovering a new city, it’s impossible to explore it in one day if you really want to be surrounded by it completely. You need to immerse yourself in it little by little, permitting  you to fall in love slowly, knowing every fault and every virtue it has.  That’s a process that could be applied almost for everything, even to yourself. Let yourself fall in love with you because also that’s what life is about.

Life is better when you live it, when you experience new things. These ones have the possibility to be good or bad, I understand, but no one said living was an easy thing. You will have to be brave, take the risk and feel uncertain for a period. If it goes  right or wrong it’s quite frankly unimportant, because in every situation you will have learned something new, that will make you grow as a human and as the individual you are.

So as a thing I try to apply to myself, go out there and feel, try and discover . Occasionally it will end badly, but most of the times it will result well, and maybe, who knows, it could be the best thing you could ever do.

Go out there and LIVE.



10 thoughts on “LIVE

  1. Wow! A stunning photograph wrapped with your lovely words is a treat indeed. I wonder what part of the world your photographs come from? Thank you for following my blog. I will enjoy following yours.

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    1. Thanks for your beautiful words 🙂 All the photos I share are from the differents places I’ve visited. This one is at lake Kalima in Colombia, a really beautiful place worth travelling to. I’m glad to follow your blog too!

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  2. I love your unique interpretations of colour in your images. Makes me think I should be a little more adventurous with my landscapes at times.

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      1. Oh, I’m going to try for sure 🙂 I think I’ll take one or two extra shots here and there purely for fun. Thanks for expanding my boundaries.

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