Time away

time away


Just like a seed needs time to emerge, everyone needs a time out from their life.  A moment to think and relax, to come to terms with everything that has happened until now, being it good or bad, it really doesn’t matter. If it’s bad, you will be able to take the time to view it from another perspective, to feel that the problem is foreign to you and that maybe, you will be able to solve it if you try. If it’s a good thing, you will have  time to realize how lucky you are and you will be grateful for the  situations you have lived.

But to be able to do all of that, you need to rest away from your current state, from your current life, because sometimes, we are so immersed in our routines that we don’t see or feel anything else, we are just that, a repetitive cycle.

But eventually, after this period of distance, you return. You come back to stay with the people you love, the places where you grew up and of course, to the same routine. However  this time, there’s something that prevents you from falling in the repetitive cycle you were, and it’s your mind after the break.

This photo reminds me all of that. It was summer and I was free.




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