Be aware of it

Be aware of it

That’s a photo I took not so long ago, walking through the trees. The little one is my brother, to whom I want to say:

You stand there, my brother,  among rocks and grass, walking against autumn winds as if nothing could harm you and I wish always could be that way.  Maybe now everything seems easy to you, but along with time, winter will come. It will  be harsh and cold to you and if you falter, it will cover you with his darkness.  But remember, I am with you right now and I will always be, no matter how far I am.  Life will give you challenges along the way, but as you grow, you will be able to climb the hardest and steepest mountains, I believe in you, and as many problems as you could have in a future,  just keep in mind that this is life and it’s completely yours. You are the only one who decides how you want to face it, because you have the power for that and much more, be aware of it. And If some day there’s a dream you want to pursue, go for it, because as every person in this world, you have the power to achieve it and surpass it.

So my brother, now you stand there, among rocks and grass, but someday, you will be above the highest mountains, walking against winter winds. Just remember at every step you give, that I love you.




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